Brighteyes is a company started by two sisters Mitsue and Hitomi who have first hand experience in dealing with the realities of cancer. This experience lead to a true appreciation of life before cancer, and an understanding of the difficulties surrounding life with cancer.

    We have created undergarments, swimwear, and clothing accessories designed to fit your particular needs.

    Please consider these safe and relative ly inexpensive alternatives to reconstructive surgery. These items were created to help us adapt to changes in our everyday lives.

    We would love to hear your comments and welcome any suggestions for items you desire, but which we do not currently carry. Our purpose is to add comfort to the lives of those touched by cancer.

    We look forward to your response.

    Two-Piece Bra -- consisting of two pieces (involved and noninvolved) There is a bra, which can be separated to involved and noninvolved. The conventional brassier are designed mainly to keep the breast in shape when the bra is put on (when the bra is taken off, the operated part had no protection, and this causes the patients always put the bra on). But Two-Piece Bra is designed not only for wearing but also for taking off. In such case,

  • When you sleep, relax in home and enjoy the time with your friend, you can wear only the operated part of Two-Piece Bra. This helps you feel comfortable without worrying about your breast.
  • When you move hard, such as playing golf and/or Yoga, by wearing two pieces, Two-Piece Bra will hold tight without moving up. Now you can choose a normal pad and/or silicon one.
  • When both pieces are put on, it looks like a regular bra.Two-Piece Bra is easy-to-wear, versatile usage, and give great relieves for the breast cancer patients. This world's first separate bra dissolves the many inconveniences and unpleasantness of breast cancer patients.
    • (Patent approved in Japan: 03/ 2000. Other countries: Under application)

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Trade name
Bright Eyes, Ltd.
Head Office
6-14-17 Oizumi-gakuen-cho Nerima-ku Tokyo, Japan
Representative Director: Hitomi Kato
Business summary
Manufacturing and sales of tips, arragenments, underwears which provided for lady's whom breast cancered.
Products highlights
  • Available to devide brassiere as two pieces, this idea is the 1st product whole over the world.
      Japan Petent:#304903
      US Patent:US6220924B1
  • Shirt style brassiere, breast cover which confortable and suit for bath time especially Onsen -in Japanese hot spring- , etc.
  • Established
    10th Mar. 1999.
    12.00 million Yen
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